You can find your council's website on GOV.UK. All rights reserved. Out of hours emergencies. If it is, youll have to ask the council for permission to cut the tree even if its yours. If it's noise from a factory or business, the penalty can be up to 20,000. Whilst it is acknowledged that the landlord must adhere to rules when sharing personal data from one party to another, it is reasonable to expect the landlord to manage the residents expectations about what action it was taking to tackle the issues and provide regular reports of its progress. The complaints responses did not sufficien, detail its investigation into the handling of the issues raised. The investigation is thought to relate to a . You cant be sure what the result will be. There were also instances of it not providing updates when promised. Hounslow Council was the subject of more than 100 complaints and enquiries to the ombudsman about its actions last year, new figures show. The risk to other resident was raised as a concern. The landlords policy says on receiving the initial report, the HO would make an initial assessment to determine a plan of action and to make a referral to the ASB team for Grade 1 & 2 cases. You can find contact details for Hounslow Council above. He said he was concerned about calling the Councils Enforcement team as he did not want to jeopardise his or his familys safety. On 8 June 2020, the resident reported that there had been a burning smell coming from his neighbours flat the day before; they could not breath while. Although most of the district lay within the London Borough of Hounslow, some parts fall within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and the London Borough of Hillingdon including Heathrow Airport. The council may use the governments guidance to help them decide what could be the best height for the hedge. The landlords ASB policy also says it will maintain contact with the reported of ASB throughout the case who must be update on the progress of the investigation. The landlord advised that it saw insufficient grounds to escalate the complaint to the final stage as there was no further investigation that c, be carried out and escalation was unlikely. will write to the resident to explain why. Here is a summary of privacy when using this chat. A West London man has been ordered to pay 6,000 after he illegally knocked down his own house. She added . Use to Contact your local council. The council cant, for example, take into account how tall other neighbours hedges are or that worrying about a hedge is making you ill. Here is a summary of privacy when using this chat. The council cant get involved in helping you get back the fee that youve paid and certainly cant force your neighbour to repay you. You can find your councils website on GOV.UK. If you are unhappy with a service that we have provided to you, please . Your local council can step in if the dispute involves any activity that is a nuisance or could damage your health. The landlord has said it is considering the possibility of. Get specialist help from a tree surgeon if the roots of your neighbours tree are affecting your home and garden. The Ombudsman considers the evidence and looks to see if there has been any maladministration, for example whether the landlord has failed to keep to the law, followed proper procedure, followed good practice or behaved in a reasonable and competent manner. The resident replied to the landlord later. If you dont feel comfortable speaking to them, write a letter or ask someone to contact them for you. On 29 April 2021, the landlord provided a stage one response. If youre having trouble writing the complaint, a relative or friend or Citizens Advice may be able to help. If the trunk or main stem of a tree or hedge is on your land, you own it. It is understandable that due to the ongoing issues experienced and the safety risk posed by some of the neighbours ASB, the resident seeks a permanent solution to the situation. Your neighbour could report it to your local council and you could be told to cut your hedge. that the landlord failed to act appropriately or reasonably when handling the residents reports. So, before you send your complaint and any fee to the council, its very important to collect all relevant information that you may need and think carefully about your reasons for complaining. All Rights Reserved. As at the date of its final response on 4 June 2021 the landlord advised the resident that its investigation into his ASB reports about his neighbour was ongoing. On 8 April 2021, the resident made a further report of noise nuisance and a burning smell coming from his neighbours flat. You can also send a copy to your neighbour so that they know what youve done. It did not explain why it had not logged a complaint when the resident had first made reports in March 2020 or during the interim period up to August 2020 despite further reports by the resident. The landlord said it would contact him again in four weeks with an update. Use this comments section to discuss problems you have had with Hounslow Council, or how they have handled your complaints. Search for trees on your councils website to find which department to contact. It was literally 24/7. The resident, and others on his behalf contacted the landlord during July and August 2021 about the neighbours alleged behaviour and the fire risk. This phone number is Hounslow Council's Best Phone Number because 54 customers like you used this contact information over the last 18 months and gave us feedback . Our address and travel options for getting to Hounslow House, Find out the different ways you can contact us, The out of hours service is designed for emergencies only, If you are unhappy with a service that we have provided to you, please let us know, Members of the media can contact the councils communications team, If you would like to compliment a member of staff or a service let us know, Get involved in local issues with the latest consultations, Information about what you can expect from us, Copyright 2023 London Borough of Hounslow. We have 5,219 pages of rights advice for you covering 10,545 companies and organisations across 16 public & private sectors. The landlord did not log a complaint when the resident requested this in March 2020 showing it failed to follow its complaints policy. Contact your local councillor. Hounslow Council was the subject of more than 100 complaints and enquiries to the ombudsman about its actions last year, new figures show. You can cut them yourself but you must try to limit the amount of damage to the tree, which can be difficult to do. The landlords ASB policy makes clear that it must do everything possible to resolve the issue using alternative remedies before considering tenancy action. He asked the landlord to contact another neighbour who would confirm this. Any disability as defined by the Equality Act 2010 must also be taken into account before possession is pursued against a disabled person. the steps youve taken to try to settle the dispute, the problems that you are having in your home and/or its garden or yard because the hedge is too tall, how you think the hedge is adversely affecting the reasonable enjoyment of this property, take any action that could result in the hedges death or destruction, trim the hedge to a height less than 2 metres above ground level. The landlords advice to the resident on 20 March 2020 that his neighbour had been taken to hospital that morning for treatment indicates it had been in communication with his care worker at this time. Your local council can step in if the dispute involves any activity that is a nuisance or could damage your health. Happy to be corrected! The landlord made reasonable efforts to substantiate the residents reports of noise and acted appropriately by initiating mediation in accordance with its policy. The council should assess the case in the same way as an application to carry out work on trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order or a notice of work on trees in a conservation area. It is recommended that the landlord arranges for the installation of noise recording equipment in the residents property to confirm and identify the noise reported and take appropriate follow-on actions. The landlords internal notes show it contacted Adult Mental health team who confirmed which team the resident was under the care of. Check what to do if you think a hedge is too high on GOV.UK. On 19 January 2021, the resident reported. You should check if the tree or hedge is dangerous before you decide. Take 3 minutes to tell us if you found what you needed on our website. You can ask the council how long they expect all this to take. Sometimes things go wrong and we need to be aware so that we can fix and learn from them. The landlord also failed to sufficiently communicate with the resident in response to his ASB reports and did not provide information on the progress of its investigation. Around the same time, its HO carried out an Equality Impact Assessment to determine if it was appropriate to take further steps regarding the neighbours tenancy. The council here instructs the police to confiscate items. As far as I know the women is still living at there doing her dealing, driving a BMW. . From disruptive planning permission to noise complaints, you can tackle the issue of nuisance neighbours though your local council. , and in accordance with its ASB policy, above at point 2, for it to take this action to resolve the issue in the absence of evidence to support the noise reports. The sub woofer is incredible on this system. The landlord noted that, on its visit to the property on 24 February 2020, the resident. Complaining about your neighbour This advice applies to England If your neighbour is noisy or stops you feeling comfortable, try to discuss it with them if you can. 1 Noise is one of the most common neighbour complaints Credit: Getty Call Out of hours emergency on 020 8583 2222. This was appropriate as incident diary sheets provide first-hand evidence of incidents. They will decide whether the hedge adversely affects the reasonable enjoyment of your home and its garden or yard and what, if anything, should be done. The complaint must be in writing, and many councils recommend using their form. Heartbroken dad issues warning after son, 13, dies in TikTok challenge, Red flag after possible suspect in missing brothers case made eerie request, Two dead and four injured after 19-year-old 'opens fire at prom after party', $80k reward offered for shooting suspect Francisco Oropesa after five killed, 2020 THE SUN, US, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | TERMS OF USE | PRIVACY | YOUR AD CHOICES | SITEMAP, Noise is one of the most common neighbour complaints, just because you find a noise or habit irritating. The property is a flat on the fourth floor of the building.
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